Want to hear your baby’s heartbeat before it’s even born? If so, you might want to check out iBaby’s HeartSense fetal Doppler device.

Fetal Dopplers have actually been available to consumers for some time now. They work by using ultrasound to detect a fetus’ heartbeat, and relaying an audible output to the user.

One of the things that’s special about HeartSense, however, is the fact that it works with a mobile device. Users just place the top half of the egg-shaped device on Mom’s tummy, and within seconds they should be able to hear Junior’s heartbeat on their smartphone or tablet via a free app. They can then share a recording of the tiny ticker with friends and family.

We saw HeartSense at CES this week, along with an updated version of the company’s iBaby Monitor, but not much is available in the way of information just yet. Both devices are currently listed on the company website as “available soon.”

Source: iBaby

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