There are already plenty of smartwatches that allow fitness-conscious users to monitor their heart rate. The iBeat Heart Watch also tracks heart rates, but it can additionally summon help if it detects that something is wrong.

Equipped with optical sensors that monitor heart rate, circulation and blood oxygen levels at four locations on the back of the wrist, the water-resistant iBeat uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to constantly analyze data gathered from its user. Its rechargeable battery is reportedly good for three days of use per charge.

If the watch detects a sudden slowing or stopping of the heart/circulation, it alerts the user and utilizes its touchscreen display to ask them if everything is OK. Should they indicate that they do need help (or if they simply don't respond) the GPS-equipped iBeat proceeds to contact a 24-hour dispatch team that will send emergency services to the user's coordinates, along with notifying family, friends, etc on a supplied contact list.

Users can also manually contact the dispatch team at any time, by pressing the watch's Emergency Help button.

Unlike the somewhat similar Cronovo smartwatch and Apple Watch-based KardiaBand, the iBeat doesn't need to be paired with a smartphone, nor does it require Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead, it utilizes existing cellular networks to send and receive data. This does mean that a minimum monthly US$17 service fee is required, although users save $41 if they pre-purchase a yearly plan.

The iBeat Heart Watch is available as of today via the link below, and is priced at $249. Oh yes, and it also tells the time, plus it allows users to program in alarms or reminders.

Source: iBeat

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