While the big players in the smartwatch market continue to tweak their designs, searching for a device with the right mix of functionality and style, others are banking on the latter being the force to drive mass-market appeal. Finnish company Creoir Ltd certainly fits this description. Its concept Ibis Dual Face Smart Watch on show at this week's Mobile World Congress bears a closer resemblance to a piece of jewelry than other smartwatch designs on offer.

The Ibis features a stainless steel and crystal body, the design of which was inspired by a flying bird spreading its wings to protect a younger bird on its back, intended as a metaphor for the personal information carried by the watch.

Though technical specifications of the Ibis are scarce at present, we do know the watch will feature an OLED display with integrated touch and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity. A built in accelerometer and e-compass give some indication of a scope for gesture control and or location-based apps.

Running on an Android platform with a custom user interface, Ibis will be compatible with iOS and Android. It will be capable of receiving notifications from your smartphone and act as a remote control, though the company has yet to divulge the full extent of this function.

Source: Creoir Ltd

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