The need for an ice cold drink tends to go hand in hand with stinking hot temperatures. And while a chilled beverage can help to soothe from the inside, nothing brings on sustained comfort like a blast of cool air. The team behind IcyBreeze is looking to refresh from all angles with a cooler that works as a portable air conditioner, putting to use the ice-cold air inside.

Clint Donaldson, the inventor of IcyBreeze, came up with the idea while watching a baseball game under the blazing Oklahama sun – and we suspect he's not the only one. The odd DIY effort aside, however, he does look like the first to follow through with his vision all the way to market.

The 9 gallon (34 L), polyethylene cooler houses a rechargeable 12 V, 10 mAh battery and, when in use, up to 49 cans if cold hard refreshment. Two quarts (1.9 L) of water is added to the ice and drawn into a heat exchange system built into the lid, serving to chill the fresh air flowing through vents on top. The company says the air coming out of IcyBreeze, either through the vents or the flexible hose, blows at speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h) and temperatures 35° F (19.4° C) cooler than that outside.

IcyBreeze's fan has three settings, with its battery lasting six hours on low, four hours on medium and 2.5 hours on high. Operating the air conditioner will obviously have quite an impact on the temperature inside the cooler, as the company says that when the air conditioner is switched off, the ice can last up to seven days. The unit also features a plug hole at its base for easy drainage.

IcyBreeze sports two wheels and a handle for transport and comes in either green, blue or red. Different packages are available, including various charging accessories with prices starting at US$279. The company plans to begin shipping from August 2014.

Source: IcyBreeze

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