Ah, the whiteboard. It’s a regular fixture of classrooms, boardrooms, laboratories and Big Bang Theory sets everywhere. Sometimes, however, the confines of that board may not be sufficient for all the ideas, equations, or random doodlings that need to go onto it. That’s why IdeaPaint was invented.

IdeaPaint, in a nutshell, turns whatever surface it’s applied to into a dry erase board. Once the paint has cured, users can write on it using standard dry erase markers, then wipe off what they’ve written using a soft cloth. Needless to say, you probably wouldn’t want to use the stuff on textured plaster, brick, or other rough or porous surfaces.

Besides its obvious use – on walls – IdeaPaint’s creators also suggest that it could be applied to things like refrigerators, desk tops, lockers, or pretty much anywhere else where people want to make notes, leave messages for one another, or just generally scrawl.

The paint is available in two versions, CREATE and PRO. CREATE comes in white, black, or clear (allowing the color of the painted surface below to show through), at a price of US$225 for enough to cover 50 square feet (4.7 sq m). It can be applied with a roller or sprayer, and is reportedly low in odor and volatile organic compounds.

PRO is more durable, although it’s less innocuous in its liquid form, so professional installation is required. It’s also a little cheaper, at $199.50.

More information is available in the video below.

Source: IdeaPaint

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