With more and more people getting into video blogging, it's only natural that we should be seeing an increasing number of cameras designed specifically for vlogging. One of the latest and perhaps best-equipped, the Idolcam will soon be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

The Idolcam shoots at a maximum resolution of 4K/30fps, and features an integrated 3-axis motorized gimbal to help smooth out the shakes – an optional spring-loaded suspension arm can also be used to add extra stabilization when shooting while walking.

Users can check their shot or review footage using the camera's 180-degree flip-up touchscreen, or by using an iOS/Android app on their smartphone. That app also allows them to pan, tilt and otherwise remotely-control the camera via Wi-Fi from a distance of up to 100 ft (30 m), plus it lets them shoot time-lapse footage that incorporates camera movements.

It's additionally possible to swap between multiple magnetically-attaching M12-format lenses, and between two optional magnetic lighting attachments – one is a light ring for soft overall lighting, while the other is a spotlight.

Other features include a threaded hole in the bottom for mounting the Idolcam on a selfie stick (always important for vloggers), along with a 3.5-mm audio input for hooking up an external mic.

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to begin late this month, with a minimum pledge of US$350 required for a basic setup. Assuming everything works out, the camera should ship in October.

The Idolcam is demonstrated in the video below.

Source: Idolcam

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