Everyone remembers that interstate or international trip when their cell phone or GPS ran out of power and they discovered they’d brought the wrong charger with them. Or found themselves 'powerless' with no outlet in sight. Frustration, fear, panic … you name it, there are a lot of emotions that run through your mind when you find yourself in that situation. It’s a scenario you never want to repeat. But unfortunately, many of us are slow learners. A new travel-friendly charger called the iGo Charge Anywhere should help you overcome the problem of flat batteries by allowing you to charge your mobile devices in any location, with or without an outlet.

The iGo Charge Anywhere is a wall charger that also has an in-built battery for charging mobile devices anywhere (great for when there’s no socket available, like on airplanes). It comes with interchangeable power tips that make it compatible with almost every electronic mobile and gaming device on the market, and can simultaneously power two devices.

“While we constantly develop new travel-friendly power solutions to simultaneously charge multiple devices, this lightweight charger is designed to be ultra portable for those who are on-the-go,” said Michael D. Heil, president and chief executive officer of iGo. “This is a terrific power solution for use on airplanes, where travelers are frequently unable to find an outlet to charge their MP3 players, gaming devices, smartphones and other electronic devices that they use during their flights.”

The iGo Charge Anywhere has collapsible wall blades that fold away easily. The unit stores enough energy in its integrated battery to provide up to three full charges for most mobile devices without the need for replenishing. This includes iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Bluetooth headsets, as well as MP3 players, digital cameras and gaming devices by using the included iGo USB cable.

Apart from avoiding the tangle of power cords at the bottom of your luggage, this charging unit is also lightweight, which can make a difference when traveling by air.

The iGo Charge Anywhere is available at RadioShack and online for US$49.99.

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