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Ikea's Regissör series promises quick tool-free furniture assembly

Ikea's Regissör series promise...
The Ikea Regissör bookshelf
The Ikea Regissör bookshelf
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The Ikea Regissör bookshelf
The Ikea Regissör bookshelf

Were you one of those kids who bought the snap-together model kits, instead of the usual ones that required glue? Well, even if you weren't, you'll likely be glad to hear this – Ikea is planning to start selling furniture that requires no tools to put together.

Although the "some assembly required" aspect of Ikea furniture does help keep its price down, it's always kind of intimidating to see that bag full of metal tools and connectors when you open the box. The company's new Regissör line, however, won't feature such sacks of confusion. Instead, each product will come with special wooden wedge dowels already preinstalled on its various components.

Users will then just put everything together by hand (no S-shaped hex wrench required), in a process that Ikea claims should take less than five minutes. Not only should this make assembly easier, but the elimination of the metal bits also reduces the weight of the furniture kits.

Regissör will begin selling in US Ikea stores this month, and includes a bookshelf, cabinets and a coffee table. The wedge dowel system will also be introduced in some upcoming storage units, plus it's already been used in a sideboard and cabinet in the company's Stockholm line.

More information is available in the following video.

Source: Ikea

The Skud
And if the ham-fisted assembler tries a harder 'whack' to push a [very close but not the right one] piece into place can it be removed a bit later when the wife points out you are an idiot and that bit is actually upside down?
Normally dowels need to be sort of hammered into place for a tight fit. What I really wonder about is how well the components hold up since the quality of particle board used by Ikea is atrociously bad ! In my opinion these would have to be solid wood and not particle composite variety.