Ikea has moved to improve the functionality of its line of Wi-Fi-connected lights known as Trådfri. The retailer has announced that in the coming months, the lights will become compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's Siri to offer users another means of setting the mood.

Ikea has continually taken proactive steps towards the future of the smart home. In 2015 it started selling furniture with built-in wireless charging and then imagined the future of cooking with a 2025-themed concept kitchen. It has also tapped augmented reality to offer virtual previews of its furniture and conducted surveys on the role of artificial intelligence in the home.

Bringing voice control to its Trådfri line is yet another example of this. This range of Wi-Fi-enabled globes, which were released last month, hook up to a user's phone or tablet through the home Wi-Fi and allow wireless control through a companion app, including the ability to dim, change color temperature and create mood profiles and timers.

Sometime during the summer or early autumn (Northern Hemisphere), this will all be possible by voice control through the technologies mentioned above. According to Ikea, this will also make it possible to integrate the lights with other accessories that use those same technologies, such as smart thermostats, ceiling fans and door locks.

Trådfri kits including the Wi-Fi gateway device and two globes start at £69 (US$80).

Source: Ikea