Back in 2013, plans were announced to bring the IMAX experience into homes with IMAX Private Theater. Now the first in-home IMAX system developed through a joint venture with TCL has been unveiled in China. But don't go changing the plans for your rumpus room just yet, as you need to qualify just to get a look at the showroom where the luxury system is being demonstrated.

The IMAX Private Theater "Palais" comes with the whole kit and caboodle, including sound isolation acoustics, wall treatments, flooring, lighting, seating, and audio-visual content provided by IMAX. The joint venture partners claim the system is the first completely turn-key home theater system available from a single source.

A demonstration system has been set up at a showroom at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, but don't expect to stroll in off the street to get a taste of the audio visual onslaught. Demonstrations are only available to "qualified consumers" on a by-appointment basis.

"The launch of the IMAX Private Theatre 'Palais' marks the most significant innovation from the newly formed IMAX Home Entertainment division and comes after almost two years of research and ground-up development with our close partner, TCL," said Robert D. Lister, Chief Business Development Officer, IMAX Corp. "The brand-new system takes key components of The IMAX Experience that we have been delivering to cinema audiences for almost 50 years and, for the first time, transports them into a home environment."

No technical specs have been announced, but we'd expect they would meet the details revealed back in 2013 at a minimum. And as was the case back in 2013, no pricing details are available at the moment either – but given the list of included features, prices are likely to vary on a case by case basis.

Source: IMAX

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