Brewing tea with loose leaves is generally regarded as the best means of doing so, but the process can be long-winded, messy and impractical when on-the-go. The Imbue tea infusing vessel is designed to simplify the process. It is an all-in-one single-serving brewing container.

In addition to its aim of simplifying the loose leaf brewing process, the Imbue is an excellent example of simplicity in innovation. The product comprises only four main parts and makes no use of high-tech aspects or accompanying smartphone apps.

The vessel itself is made from high-temperature-resistant and shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, the insulative properties of which help to keep tea warm and hands cool. A bamboo lid screws into the vessel to also keep drinks warm and stop them from spilling when in transit.

A stainless steel strainer magnetically connects to the interior of the lid, which has a neodymium magnetic ring embedded into it. The ring is sealed by a food-safe and leak-proof silicone gasket.

Finally, on the outside of the vessel there is an protective sleeve with a non-slip suede interior lining that helps to further protect the user's hand from any heat. The basic nature of the Imbue means that it can also be used as a container for water or other drinks.

To brew a serving of tea, the user fills the strainer with tea leaves of their choice and connects it to the inside of the lid. The vessel is filled with hot water, the lid screwed into it and then the whole container flipped upside down so that the strainer and tea leaves are submerged. This allows the tea leaves to circulate in the water and means that the tea can brewed for as short or as long a time as the user desires.

A crowdfunding campaign is underway to raise money for the production and roll out of the Imbue. At the time of writing, the already successful Kickstarter is a matter of hours from ending, but if you're quick, a single Imbue can still be backed for a pledge of at least US$29. Assuming all goes to plan with the production and roll-out, shipping is estimated to start from October.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the Imbue.

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