Coffee is getting quicker and easier every day. We've seen portable espresso machines and cars with such machines built in. The Impress Coffee Brewer is the latest fast-brewing gadget to come to our attention. The mug brews and transports your morning coffee, giving you the necessary splash of caffeine while getting you out the door in a hurry.

The Impress mug combines press-style brewing hardware with a stainless steel travel mug. To brew, you simply combine fresh coffee grounds and hot water in the outer cup, let it brew for a few minutes (Impress creators suggest 3 minutes), push the inner cup with integrated filter down to filter out all those grounds, pop the top on, and get going. The coffee stops brewing immediately upon pressing the inner cup down, so you don't have to worry about muddy, overbrewed coffee.

The Impress concept is very similar to the GSI Commuter Java Press. The main difference is in materials and design. The Impress combines stainless steel and food grade silicone. Unlike GSI's double-walled design, Impress combines a double-walled outer cup with a single-walled inner cup for a total of three walls keeping your coffee hot and hands cool.

The Impress mug holds 14 ounces (414 ml) of java. Its creators suggest that that could be enough for two people to share, but we've been around enough coffee drinkers to know it'll more likely be a single cup for a single person.

The Impress Coffee Brewer is the latest design from the Gamila Company. The company is currently raising the funds it needs to launch the Impress. After just a day, it's right around halfway to its US$50,000 goal – not surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of people that love easier ways of making coffee. The base level $40 Impress is already sold out, but a pledge of $45 will secure yours. Gamil also offers a number of other levels that combine Impress hardware and coffee.

Source: Kickstarter

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