Beyond the brand new cars of the 2015 LA Auto Show, there are plenty of other notable rides on show. In fact, some of the most interesting cars there are decades old – or built to look like it. The LA show also gets a fair amount of spillover from SEMA, with customs and restorations galore. Take a tour of this side of the show in our feature gallery.

We missed DiMora Motorcar's press conference, but it was nearly impossible to miss its booth in the atrium. Many cars can be referred to as rolling artwork, but few of them so literally as DiMora's Vicci 6.2 Emperor. This retro-styled, rolling-fendered roadster features original artwork by Taiwanese artist Master Lee Sun-Don, who brushes a unique painting for each car in the 25-model Emperor Series, which DiMora spends 750 man-hours recreating on the hood and side panels. The process ends with the laying of 24-karat gold leaf.

The DiMora team also spent plenty of time building a 1930s-style roadster up around a 430-hp 6.2-liter GM LS3 V8. The car's body is constructed using the company's Carbon DFD technology, maintaining a curb weight of 2,820 lb (1,279 kg). With the standard GM 4-speed automatic transmission, it can hit 60 mph (96.5 mph) in four seconds, which isn't bad for an open-top, engined painting. Features like the Italian leather interior trim, English Wilton wool carpeting and included original wall painting contribute to the US$1.2 million price.

An unexpected but very unique car we ran into was the Peel P50, the world's smallest production car. We've covered a bit of the history of the original 1960s one-seater in the past, and it was fun seeing it alongside its larger sibling, the Trident, in Galpin's Hall of Customs.

A few other highlights worth noting:

A beautiful, curvaceous 1968 33 Stradale on display at Alfa Romeo's booth

Aston Martin DB10 designed for
Spectre, the new James Bond movie
It may not be Back to the Future day anymore, but
Lexus's hoverboard still looks pretty cool on display

Take a tour of our concept car photo gallery for more timeless classics, wild custom creations, and other sights of the 2015 LA Auto Show, which runs through the weekend.

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