February 7, 2008 Now here’s a solution that really does have a significant problem to solve. Everyone who owns a cell phone has found themselves somewhere with a low battery without their charger, usually in the least convenient place at the most inconvenient time. In today’s anytime, anywhere communications environment, being without a working cell phone is the equivalent of being technologically naked – it’s not a good look and it can can lead to all manner of collateral problems. Infinitely Charged is a patent-pending design that enables a cell phone to plug directly into a powerpoint.

It’s not the whole answer, but it’s a lot better than having to carry your cell phone charger with you and there’s bound to be a sizeable market for all those mission critical people out there who are prepared to sacrifice a smidgeon of style to ensure they are connected at all times. Indeed, it would be quite possible to have the phone charging while you’re using it via a Bluetooth headset.

Infinitely Charged is equipped with an electrical plug-in (120v AC power) directly located in the back of the cellular phone. It is designed to flip the plug prong up to store when not in use and flip down when charging is needed.

It’s claimed to be the only product of its type by Californian inventor Ronald Kearns who has a patent pending on the design and is keen to discuss serious production and marketing enquiries.

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