Infiniti has previewed a new entry into the increasingly crowded premium-compact SUV segment with the showing of its QX30 Concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Evolving the styling direction displayed in the Q30 Concept from 2013, the QX30 combines fluid lines with a number of elements geared toward practical use. Chromed roof racks, side sills, a skid plate and the car’s raised ride height all suggest that the QX30 may one day make it beyond the tarmac ... or at least find it's way down a muddy lane or two.

The front of the QX30 is probably its best angle, where the brand’s signature grille, flared wheelarches and squinting headlights give it a distinctive face.

Under the shapely hood is a turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that transmits its power to the wheels through a 7-speed automatic gearbox, though Infiniti hasn’t quoted power figures at this stage.

Brown leather with blue contrast stitching is used throughout the luxurious interior, while customizable LED interior lighting allows you to tailor the ambiance to your mood.

The QX30 Concept is on display next to the sleek Q60 Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Infiniti says both cars will go into production next year.

Infinit's promo clip for the QX30 Concept is below.

Source: Infiniti

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