3D printing has made some impressive strides in the past couple of years, allowing makers to create a wide variety of fantastic and unique designs. Despite the overall success, many prints still have limitations when it comes to structure, shape, or articulation. But 3D Systems is about to change all of that with the latest Infinity Rinse-away water-soluble support material.

3D Systems' Infinity Rinse-away printing filament is made of biodegradable, corn-based plastic. This material has been designed for quick dissolving and easy removal, while being safe to flush down drains. Infinity Rinse-away is fully-compatible with PLA plastic, and when used with CubePro or Cubify software, it's automatically generated as a support.

In a single print build, users can achieve gravity-defying overhangs or built-in movement and articulation. 3D suspension and previously-impossible complex designs are also possible with the water-soluble material. All it takes is a rinse under the tap or a soak in a bowl of water to loosen and dissolve the supports. There is nothing to break away and no leftover "support stubble", no matter how deep or out-of-reach the area.

"We are thrilled to expand our desktop printing materials with the introduction of Infinity Rinse-Away soluble support material, enabling never-before-possible results from consumer 3D printers," said Peter Theran, Vice President, Global Consumer Products, 3DS. "We are excited to see the amazing things that our growing user base will do with these powerful new capabilities."

3D Systems' Infinity Rinse-away cartridges are available now at US$49 for the Cube and US$99 for the CubePro.

You can see the easy-removal of the material in action in the video below.

Source: 3D Systems

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