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Ingenious Bag Handle

Ingenious Bag Handle
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July 19, 2005 Proof that an ingenious new invention doesn’t require Bluetooth, a 5-GHz processor and a room full of MIT graduates. As anyone who has ever struggled to carry a half dozen plastic grocery bags will tell you, there has to be a better way t han having those plastic bags cut into your fingers and cut off the circulation. Designed to carry 50 lbs. of stuffed grocery bags, the EZcarry soft-grip handle is a comfortable soft-grip handle that makes carrying grocery bags, department store bags, dry cleaning hangers, and more, much easier. It works by evenly distributing the pressure of shopping bags across the hand so the weight no longer cuts into a person's hand, palm, or fingers. Shoppers just hold onto a cushy purple and blue handle.

Now some readers may already have seen the EZcarry through its launch on QVC in April, and distribution is already underway in England, Canada, Portugal and 20 US States but there’s still a bunch of people out there to marvel at the simplicity of such a logical everyday item.

You can buy the Ezcarry online at Minimus

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