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Innovative Advertising Ideas Generation Tool

Innovative Advertising Ideas Generation Tool
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AdPack is a fantastictool for brainstormingand team building
AdPack is a fantastic
tool for brainstorming
and team building
The cards give a briefoverview of the uses, prosand cons of the mediumon the back
The cards give a brief
overview of the uses, pros
and cons of the medium
on the back
A lateral thinking tool too
A lateral thinking tool too
Rudy Labordus
Rudy Labordus
Centre pic and above - instead of simply printingbrochures, this florist builta database and now sends anSMS message prior to ValentinesDay to remind her clients to getsome flowers for their partner.
Centre pic and above -
instead of simply printing
brochures, this florist built
a database and now sends an
SMS message prior to Valentines
Day to remind her clients to get
some flowers for their partner.
BEFORE: AdPack catalysedthe ideas behind this mechanicchanging his promotionalstrategy from fliers ...
BEFORE: AdPack catalysed
the ideas behind this mechanic
changing his promotional
strategy from fliers ...
AFTER: ... to this mechanic'seye-catching, motivationaldirect marketing piece thatsimply demands attention
AFTER: ... to this mechanic's
eye-catching, motivational
direct marketing piece that
simply demands attention
BEFORE: When the classifiedadvert wasn't working, AdPackhelped stimulate the ideas to ...
BEFORE: When the classified
advert wasn't working, AdPack
helped stimulate the ideas to ...
AFTER: create bin hangers. There's no better time toremind someone where theycan get their smelly bin cleanedthan when they are lifting the lid.
AFTER: create bin hangers.
There's no better time to
remind someone where they
can get their smelly bin cleaned
than when they are lifting the lid.
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Perth-based advertising agency Breakthrough has released an original and innovative ideas generation tool specifically focussed on advertising. The card-based system is designed to assist in concept generation and media selection and is one of the cleverest concepts we've seen to help with brainstorming communications strategies. Adpack is a card-based tool made up of trigger or strategy cards which contain proven techniques that are current and relevant in today's business divided into three sections - Media, Offer and Power Words. Each of these cards can be combined to create powerful marketing ideas.

The Media Cards show you what advertising vehicles available to a business to carry its message to its public - not just the main media of television, radio, newspapers and magazines, but the niche media which can be very effective in targeting a specific audience - postcards, email and fax marketing, local newspapers, outdoor and so on. The front gives an idea of the cost of each media and the other side of the cardcovers pros, cons, hints and tips to get the most out of each media.

The Offer Cards are designed to prompt and develop the creative - the offer designed to draw people into your business and the Power Word Cards are 50 of the most powerful words in marketing when used in a headline or body text.

When more cards are combined in a 3x3x3 grid they encourage lateral thinking; allowing the development of up to 27 personalised and interrelated solutions that build on each other. Check out the flash tour of how it works here.

It all may sound a bit too simplistic but it's not - multiplying 50 x 50 x 50 gives 125,000 different combinations of cards, each combination capable of generating a rash of ideas.

Adpack is also an educational and lateral thinking tool designed to catalyse the brainstorming process and is an ideal way of including the people who know the business best (the staff) in the process.

Why we think Adpack is important?

Gizmo's entire staff has worked in advertising agencies at some point in their career. Advertising creative and media selection are two of the black arts of mainstream business. Get it right and your business will sing. Get it wrong and it'll be a costly learning experience at best. For a corporate, there's room to counter the major gaffes which occur in creating a presence and brand values around a business. For the Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) though, promoting its wares to the appropriate and most receptive target audience is a nightmare.

Budgets are limited and high efficiencies are required with much room less room for error. The driving force in SMEs is probably focused on entirely different things than promotion as the enterprise gets reduced in size to hundreds then dozens of people back to the source - the original butcher or baker or candlestick maker who took his craft and went into business.

We believe that every company knows its business and customers much better than it realises - AdPack's design helps to unlock that knowledge and put it to work. It's a breakthrough concept and a breakthrough product, so don't be fooled by low-tech medium - it works and it helps to get those synapses firing in a way which is very productive.

There are 1,164,100 active businesses in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics - very few would not benefit from spending the AUD$385 (inc GST) on AdPack and if they don't, Rudy has used the age-old advertising closer - it's guaranteed or your money back!

Whatsmore, we believe this product has a massive global potential as it addresses one of the greatest needs in business. Good advertising principles work everywhere. Adpack is a catalyst for the local business owner to develop their own culturally relevant ideas.

The concept evolution

Rudy Labordus founded his own advertising agency, Breakthrough Corporation, in 1994 after 14 years of real "hands on" sales and marketing experience.

Labordus has been personally involved in developing and launching several businesses around Australia, offering clients strategic and creative solutions for their business, achieving exceptional results and winning several "Excellence in Marketing" awards for his innovative marketing strategies.

Rudy has worked with local, national and international clients with advertising budgets exceeding $1,000,000 per year, all the way down to 'let's have lunch and I'll give you some advice.

'During the years of running his own advertising agency in Perth, Australia, he received many calls from small business owners that wanted help with their advertising. Many of these businesses were really struggling and couldn't afford a structured campaign, so he found himself giving them some quick tips over the phone.

He soon discovered that those tips, which came instinctively from years of experience, were an inspiration to businesses who had never understood the possibilities or options that were available to them.

'In that time, I've spoken with hundreds of SMEs wanting to create an advertising campaign of some sort, and really struggling with the processes of advertising creative and media selection and very small budgets,' said Rudy.

'We started out looking for a way of educating SMEs about advertising and the first thought was to write a book. But there are hundreds of great advertising books on the bookshelves which for one reason or another just don't get read by SME proprietors. SMEs tend to be focussed entirely on their product or process and really just can't get a handle on the advertising process because they don't have the requisite knowledge or experience. On top of that, the world is getting busier each year and when you're very busy and have little discretionary time, reading books is one of the first areas that suffers."

''We needed to develop a product that caters for small to medium enterprises - a product designed for people with an inherent short attention span - something that would help develop powerful advertising campaigns without huge expense. And we needed something that was quick, fun and educational all in one.

"So we looked for a different medium and eventually hit on the idea of a card-based system which we've evolved into AdPack. As we've progressed the concept, we've found it's a medium which fits nicely with the way people think, and doesn't get you bogged down."

''Interestingly, the tool we developed for SMEs has been very popular with corporates and agencies too - we've sold AdPack into some of the biggest companies in the country and it is getting terrific results as a brainstorming and team building tool.

'It's great to get the team involved in coming up with advertising concepts but so many times I've facilitated sessions like that and you realise that the staff have no concept of how advertising works or how much it costs or how to define the most appropriate medium. They'll come up with rockets going across the screen in a television commercial and it's just ad hoc thinking. The cards give you a snapshot of the medium or concept and help to define limits or boundaries which help to put the ideas within a workable context.

'Though adpack has been positioned as an in-house, hands-on tool for generating advertising ideas, it is not a substitute for an advertising agency. Adpack provides many ideas to promote a business but it will never be a replacement or substitute for the real thing. Adpack is a great stepping stone for those people who cannot yet afford or simply don't want to afford an ad agency. In fact, adpack is even a great tool for helping marketing professionals break the mental marketing block.

National and International distribution enquiries are welcome. Visit the website or phone Rudy Labordus on national freecall 1800-adpack. (1 800 237 225) or from overseas +61 (0)8 9381 4000.

Some Testimonials

"As a specialist accounting firm we are constantly looking for innovative ways to help our clients develop their business. Adpack is a perfect partner product that has helped us and our clients develop exciting marketing ideas to develop and grow their business. It's innovative and very easy to use - even for non-marketing people like us."

Steve Duckham Principal Duckham & Associates

"I was amazed at the results that we achieved. We generated more interesting and competitive ideas than we had ever thought of. We found it very easy to use and we quickly and systematically produced many interesting marketing concepts without pulling out our hair. It payed for itself many times over in our first marketing campaign!"

Hong Fu CEO Hands On Computer Training

"We spend many thousands of dollars educating our staff and our clients on the importance of marketing. I see adpack being a great brainstorming and team building tool - not just for us internally, but for our clients as well."

David Bignold, Sales & Marketing Manager, Community Newspaper Group

"If adpack had been invented when I was advising small advertisers, life would have been much easier."

J Barrey Williams, CEO, The WA Club (Past CEO, MOJO Perth)

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