Innovative new safety phone for kids

Innovative new safety phone for kids
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April 5, 2006 i-Kids is a new ‘pre-teen’ mobile handset with GPS (Global Positioning System) functionality that has been designed to meet the needs of parents with children in primary school at the same time as enabling children to go out and play confidently with the perception of independence. Unlike other mobile phones, the handset can only dial four numbers and does not include SMS functionality, which means that parents can control and minimise usage. Most importantly, the phone can alert parents when a child moves out of a predetermined ‘safety zone’, such as their school or the local park, and parents can check a child’s location at anytime on a computer based map or on their WAP capable mobile phone. The i-Kids phone can even be located when it is turned off, meaning that parents can always find their child’s location. Plans are underway to diversify the range of the service by applying 'i-Kids' service's mobile security functions (location inquiry) to boats, automobiles, motorcycles, or any other valuable item.

Originally developed by Korean Telco SK Telecom's 3G Reality Center in Seoul, the I-kids business was sold to Dutch company SF-Alert in May 2005 for 310,000 EURO with SK Telecom subsequently acquiring a 20 percent stake in SF-Alert and continuing to manage and develop the technology.

SF-Alert is developing the European market and the latest roll-out countries can be found here. I-Kids has also just become available in Australia and the UK.

In addition, SK Telecom plans to diversify the range of the service by applying 'i-Kids' service's mobile security functions to location inquiry, and robbery prevention, of high-priced possessions such as boats, automobiles, and motorcycles.

Distribution enquiries should be directed to SF-Alert.

View gallery - 9 images
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