As a sister event to last week's World Architecture Festival, the Inside World Interior Festival draws together designers from around the world in celebration of indoor spaces. One part of the event is the Inside Awards, which examines submissions across nine different categories, with a bumpy plywood archway topping them all to claim the 2017 World Interior of the Year.

The winning interior consists of flexible plywood sheets that line the inside of furniture store Xtra in Singapore. The bizarre, and certainly eye-catching space was fittingly dubbed Fabricwood, and was crafted by Singapore's own Produce Workshop.

To claim the top prize, Fabricwood beat out winners of nine individual categories, including retail, residential, offices, hotels and health and education. These category winners include Airbnb's European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, an expansive bookstore in China and an airy vinyl store in Beijing that hosts rare Marvel comics and vinyl records.

Also receiving honors were a hospital in Montreal, a museum in the UK and a coffee shop in Beijing. Click through to our gallery to see these stunning interiors from around the world.

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