Shipping container homes are usually a love them or hate them kind of deal. Fans point out that they offer a potentially sustainable and inexpensive home, while the other side of the argument focuses on significant issues like insulation and the constraints of living in a small metal box. While the Intellectual Tiny Home probably won't change any minds in the latter camp, the former should find a lot to like in its smart styling and neat single-bedroom layout.

The recently completed Intellectual Tiny Home is based on a 40 ft (12 m)-long recycled shipping container and has a total floorspace of 320 sq ft (29.7 sq m). Unlike the Custom Container Living model that was cut and extended vertically to fit in a loft bedroom, this container home is laid-out on one floor. Still, there's enough room inside for two people.

Access to the home is gained by a couple of double French doors and the exterior has cedar shelving attached, which can be used to create a green wall.

Inside, the home includes one bedroom with queen-size bed and storage space. Elsewhere lies a living room with space for a TV and couch, and a bathroom with shower, toilet, vanity unit, and a washer/dryer. The kitchen, meanwhile, includes a full-size fridge, induction cook top, microwave, dishwasher, and cabinets.

Flooring is bamboo throughout and the Intellectual Tiny Home gets its electricity from a standard hookup. Heating is provided by an electric fireplace in the living room, plus a flat panel heater in the bedroom. Designer Maggie Hartje of Revival Designs told us that the insulation used is closed spray foam, installed on the ceilings, walls and floor.

The Intellectual Tiny Home is being promoted for use as a full-time tiny house, guest house, or granny flat and will set you back US$62,000. It's currently located in Longmont, Colorado.

There's been a rise in interesting shipping container projects recently and a few we've covered include BIG's student housing and this model which has enough room for a small family.

Source: Roostspace

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