Modern air travel isn't always a pleasant experience – especially for those flying in the back. It’s partly a matter of economics, partly engineering. The eternal question is, how to make economy travel more pleasant while keeping the airline's overall operating costs down? BAE System’s IntelliCabin system aims to address such concerns by making cabin operation more efficient for the crew and improving the comfort of passengers.

According to BAE Systems, IntelliCabin is modular, scalable, and designed to integrate seamlessly with existing onboard systems, such as BAE Systems’ Attendant Control Panel (ACP), and flight crew portable digital devices.

Through the use of in-seat power, which reduces weight by eliminating bulky power boxes under the seats and in the overhead bins, it provides more leg and luggage room. In addition, IntelliCabin employs LED lighting and dimmable windows, which are designed to provide a more comfortable, relaxing atmosphere through ambient lighting.

IntelliCabin also gives passengers a wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment system, but its more important function is its smart power distribution system that allocates electricity based on where it’s needed. The system automates cabin operations, which allows the cabin crew to control cabin settings from either a central control or using handheld devices from anywhere in the plane.

The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive with a shallow learning curve. With IntelliCabin, the crew can adjust lighting, temperature, and other cabin conditions at the touch of a screen, which reduces cabin crew workload. In addition, it carries out diagnostics, which streamlines maintenance tasks and reduces operating costs.

“Flying can be stressful at times, especially when there are differing time zones at play or a long haul flight to contend with,” says Jared Shoemaker, director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems’ Commercial Aircraft Solutions. “We set ourselves the task of designing new technology that could provide the ultimate flying experience for passengers and crew, from keeping you connected to helping ease the transition from one environment to the next. We believe IntelliCabin does just that. It helps to acclimate you and ease you into a more comfortable atmosphere throughout the flight, helping you to feel more refreshed on arrival.”

BAE Systems says that IntelliCabin could be rolled out for commercial airlines next year.

The video below highlights its features.

Source: BAE Systems

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