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Interactive non-drug treatment for ADD and ADHD

Interactive non-drug treatment for ADD and ADHD
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March 19, 2008 Interactive Healing Centers, a facility dedicated to helping children with attention deficit and hyperactive conditions, has announced a non-drug treatment technique for ADD/ADHD. The technology teaches the brain to retrain itself through a specialized computer program that monitors brain wave patterns. The program then guides the brain through a conditioned response and a gratification technique, resulting in a normal brain wave that reduces or completely eradicates the ADD/ADHD response.

The procedure also features specialized nutritional protocols for enhancing biochemistry.

“Children with ADD and ADHD are often the brightest and most talented citizens of this planet,” said Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand, CEO and founder of Interactive Healing Centers. “The only gift they need is to be able to organize their thoughts – and we have that gift.”

By incorporating a neurofeedback system that combines photic stimulation with EEG therapy, the unique system achieves rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding long-lasting, permanent results.

“ADD and ADHD children now have a chance toward normalcy, while giving their family and teachers a little more peace in the process,” stressed Finsand, a 32-year veteran in the field of alternative medicine and biofeedback. “Few people understand the effect these conditions have on the siblings in the family. When we change the condition, the entire family is changed.”

Average costs range from $3,500-$4,500, for 20-40 sessions.

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