Feeding on a persistently growing global trend, Intermot Customized has evolved into a show-in-show, cementing its place among the biggest custom exhibitions in Europe. This year more than 100 custom builders filled a dedicated hall with motorcycle adaptations of their wildest dreams.

The Intermot custom show has grown over the years to become a permanent feature of the German motorcycle exhibition. The concept of individualized motorcycles has been gaining traction all over the world, while in Europe several relevant events grow both in size and publicity every year; the Glemseck 101, Wheels and Waves, and Distinguished Gentleman's Ride are prime examples.

The 2016 Intermot motorcycle show incorporated a dedicated hall under the Customized banner, where customs were organized in several disciplines and competed in various events and contests. Supported by an appropriate array of shops, a big Ace Café London tent in the center, and even two stylish barbers, the do-it-yourself part of Intermot functioned as a show within the show with more than 100 custom builds on display, serving plentiful spectacle for those with an appetite for the unusual.

Proceedings included the 12th AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, which awarded a multitude of customizers for their creations in a wide array of styles; namely retro/modified, modified Harley-Davidson, street performance, café racer and freestyle. Top honors went to the Rumble Racer from Japan's Suicide Customs, and the championship pledged to resume for the 13th time at the next Intermot in 2018.

Under the auspices of the Customized show, the team that organizes the Glemseck 101 event every year also set-up a couple of outdoor 1/8 mile sprint demonstrations. The Essenza class admitted any custom motorcycle as long as it has two wheels, two cylinders and does not exceed 1,200 cc, while the Sultans of Sprint involved a series of custom dragster builds – think long wheelbases, square rear tires and copious amounts of nitrous oxide.

Bigger than ever before, the 2016 Intermot Customized show offered an amazing wealth of motorcycles ranging from real-world functional customs to incredible show pieces ... as a jump to our extensive photo gallery will emphatically confirm.

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