The Internet updateable SmartGlobe

The Internet updateable SmartG...
Internet updateable SmartGlobe
Internet updateable SmartGlobe
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Internet updateable SmartGlobe
Internet updateable SmartGlobe

This update to the original interactive SmartGlobe from Oregon Scientific makes sure your geographic knowledge is up to date via downloadable weekly information updates.

The new version still features interactive lessons; complete with 30 English and six Spanish activities. Quizzes about countries, capitals, major cities, populations, languages, currencies, time, distances, history, science and current events are a great way for the whole family to learn about the world.

The Globe comes with a Smart Pen that can be programmed for age-appropriate content and it is also completely portable and works with headphones.

Retailing for US$129.95, the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe is currently compatible for PC use only and is not suitable for Mac users.

Emily Clark

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