Although it's certainly best if dogs are trained to relieve themselves outdoors, there can be situations – such as if they're left home alone all day – in which they've just gotta go inside. Created by Austin, Texas-based Newton's Box, Inubox is designed to let them do so without any mess.

Inubox has a hinged platform, that sits flat on the floor by default. Dogs need to be trained to poop or pee on this platform – a process which is reportedly facilitated by an integrated attractive scent. Sensors in the platform detect when the dog is standing on it, along with the presence of solid or liquid waste.

Once those sensors determine that the dog has come and gone, and left something behind, the platform automatically folds up into the main device. This causes the waste to roll off into a litter box at the bottom. A robotic scraper also goes over the platform, to get anything that didn't come off on its own. The litter-coated waste is then lifted out of the box by a robotic scoop, which drops that waste into a bag. That bag gets sealed, and is dispensed on command, once the user is ready to take it away.

The device also sprays out a shot of air freshener with every use, plus it dispenses a treat to let pups know that they're good dogs for using it. It's activated (or put on a programmed schedule) using either its built-in touchscreen or an iOS/Android smartphone app. That app also allows users to monitor the levels of treats, bags and litter.

If you're interested, Inubox is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$840 will get you one, when and if it reaches production – the planned retail price is $1,200.

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