If you're over a certain age and still have a stack of vinyl LPs, you may have witnessed the fascination expressed by younger people when you play those records on your turntable - as far as they're concerned, you might just as well be cranking up a Model T Ford. Well, if you really want to freak them out, you could always tell them that ION's Vertical Vinyl Wall Mountable Turntable lets you play records vertically. How crazy is that?

The Vertical Vinyl is pretty basic, offering the usual two speeds (33 and 45 RPM), a volume control knob, and music playback via built-in speakers - there's no mention of a line-out on the device. Power is supplied by four included AA batteries, although it can run off mains power through an optional AC adapter.

Apart from its quirkiness appeal, the turntable could also come in handy in cramped quarters, where horizontal storage space is at a premium. Should you have the space, and would prefer not to risk dropping your LPs to the floor as you're putting them on or taking them off, it can also be used horizontally.

The Vertical Vinyl Wall Mountable Turntable is available at various retailers, ranging in price from around US$60 to $130.