From Ten One Design - the creators of the Pogo Stylus (the first capacitive touch-screen stylus for the iPhone and iPod touch) comes Autograph for iPhone – a new iPhone/iPod touch app that lets you sign off documents by creating a digital signature directly on your device’s capacitive touch screen.

The app allows users to automatically insert their signature into electronic documents on a Mac or PC via Wi-Fi. It works in conjunction with Ten One Design’s free Autograph Helper program that, once downloaded, runs on your computer to quickly receive signatures from an iPhone/iPod touch. It could be a great business tool for people who are asked constantly to sign important and time-sensitive documents while away from their desk or office.

As well as inserting signatures immediately into working documents, Autograph for iPhone also lets you email signatures or save them directly to your photo library for future use.

You can change your signature color or line width using style options with the app and even include the date with the signature to save time.

People using only the one computer can enable the Auto-Send feature. This will select the computer in the network used most often, eliminating the need to select from detected computers every time you wish to send a signature.

In Kiosk Mode, business-owners can accept customer signatures for immediate transactions. Customers just sign and hit "done" to complete the action; the business-owner controls the rest.

Set-up procedure

Download Autograph for iPhone at the iTunes App Store, then download and install the
free Autograph Helper for Mac/Windows from the website.

To create and insert a digital signature, launch Autograph Helper on your Mac or PC, launch Autograph on iPhone or iPod touch and make sure the iPhone/iPod touch or computer receiving signature are on the same network.

Select the color and line width through style options then sign on-screen with a finger or stylus, hit the arrow in the right-hand corner to accept (or hit the refresh icon to clear window and try again if the signature isn’t to your liking). Select the computer that will receive signature and the signature will automatically be inserted into the current working document.

Then copy/cut and paste into other documents as needed. The list of documents compatible with Autograph is located online.

Autograph for iPhone is available for download at the iTunes App Store for US$6.95 and the free Autograph Helper app can be downloaded at Ten One Design's website.

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