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iPhotoMEASURE transforms your Digital Camera into an electronic measuring tape

iPhotoMEASURE transforms your ...
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February 23, 2007 This is a winner – basically, it costs US$100 for the software to turn your Digital Camera into an accurate electronic measuring tape. The iPhotoMEASURE program comes with DigiTargets, which are placed in any area you want to photograph/measure. The DigiTarget provides the software with an accurate scale to base its measurements on. If you are a long way from the target site, simply email or fax the DigiTarget to the client so they can take the photo, or they can download it for free off from iPhotoMEASURE's web site. Then open the photo in the iPhotoMEASURE program and select the DigiTarget in the picture for reference. The software automatically measures anything in the photo with 95% to 99.5% accuracy, depending on the angle of the photo. You can then save, print, share and archive the photo with the measurements embedded. This is an ideal tool for so many people that we can see tape-measure sales going the same way as the blacksmith’s anvil. Ideal for contractors, remodelers, interior designers, event planners, trade show consultants, landscapers and others who currently perform good old-fashioned measuring by hand, not to mention travelling to the site and back. A genuine productivity tool!!

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