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iTalk voice-controlled alarm clock

iTalk voice-controlled alarm c...
The iTalkÔ voice controlled clock from Neutrano
The iTalkÔ voice controlled clock from Neutrano
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The iTalkÔ voice controlled clock from Neutrano
The iTalkÔ voice controlled clock from Neutrano
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May 27, 2009 If you're the type of individual who is too dead-dog tired to reach over to turn off the alarm, just couldn't be stuffed or who might enjoy the companionship – or convenience – of talking to an obedient alarm clock, then the iTalk from Neutrano may be what you're looking for. The iTalk is among the first household appliances to use TimeSet Voice technology that Neutrano claims can understand any English-speaking voice – although we're not sure how well it understands the-morning-after slur, after that big night out.

The iTalk is activated with a simple greeting, “Hello iTalk”. The alarm responds to one of eight phrases, such as “set alarm”, “snooze”, “what day is it” or "help". It features voice or manual update, easy-viewing two-inch LED numbers, an 8 to 9-minute snooze function, dimmer, battery backup and an AC adapter. It measure 8 inches (203mm) wide, 4.25 inches (108 mm) high and ¾ inch (34mm) deep.

Those who think being able to talk to your alarm clock will mean never being on time for work again - there are more persuasive (and frustrating) options.

For more information visit Neutrano.

David Greig

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The iTalk will sell for $50, which is $50 more than the alarm clock you already have on your cellphone.