You don't have to be a carpenter to find yourself regularly grabbing for a tape measure. Unfortunately, if you're not a carpenter, you probably find yourself grasping at loose air and denim as you remember that you don't wear a tool belt. The iTapemeasure is a combination app and case that attaches a digital tape measure to your iPhone, so you always have one at hand.

The iTapemeasure system consists of an aluminum case that includes a built-in 1.5-meter (4.9-foot) tape. Instead of just giving you a simple manual readout like your average tape measure, the iTapemeasure works with the phone to give you a large-font digital readout. The system lets you take pictures of what you're measuring and overlay the measurements on top so that you have a photo record too. It also allows you to essentially mark off a measurement by pressing hold, and then measure beyond the 1.5-meter length of the tape.

With the iTapemeasure, you will no longer have to worry about hurriedly scribbling measurements onto a piece of paper only to get to the store and find them illegible or improperly labeled. You'll have a very clear, precise record of whatever measurements you need for furniture shopping, home improvement projects, shipping and other activities.

The designers behind the iTapemeasure have built several prototypes, and the latest fits the iPhone 4 and 4s snugly. The tape measure is based around the metric system now, but there are plans for an Imperial version for the United States. The team has taken to Kickstarter in trying to raise the funding they need to pursue the project.

See a little more detail on the interface in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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