It’s a plane, it’s a boat - it’s the insane all-terrain Storm Launcher!

It’s a plane, it’s a boat - it’s the insane all-terrain Storm Launcher!
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September 13, 2006 As electric motors get more powerful, and materials get lighter and stronger, the toys we are creating get more fantastic with each passing year. Toy creator Spin Master knew it had a winner on its hands long before it announced the Storm Launcher to the world, but it didn’t quite expect the reaction it encountered when a pre-sale went on-line and sold out in five days, making the omnipotent flying, floating, go anywhere toy arguably the most anticipated R/C vehicle of all time. The Air Hogs R/C Storm Launcher is a ground-effect all-terrain vehicle that has no wings but flies and no wheels but rips across any surface. If you are in any doubt about wanting one, check out this video and if you’re an aspiring toy inventor, read the story of inventors Michael Connally and Ernest Butler who SpinMaster signed ahead of other hungry toy companies with a handsome advance for the rights to their invention, and five per cent ongoing royalties for the US$80 category buster.

The Air Hogs Storm Launcher will hover across water; rip across gravel, grass, and sand before taking off from all surfaces to incredible heights. Reaching over 200 miles per hour, scale speed, this vehicle will fly with the ability to barrel roll and loop. A sleek design and durable foam construction enables pilots to practice stunts and jumps over and over. Twin motors allow for precise control on both land and water.

The Air hogs Storm Launcher hits retail stores next week, comes fully assembled and works with Air Hogs new lipo Power pack.

View gallery - 4 images
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