JakPak, an all-in-one waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and tent could be a very useful piece of clothing for Man vs Wild-type adventurers or anyone unexpectedly caught in the outdoors. Or, if you’ve ever had to queue overnight for those impossibly hard to get concert or sports tickets, this little gem could make you the envy of everyone else in the line.

The JakPak incorporates a waterproof sleeping bag, one-man swag-style tent and mosquito netting into a waterproof, breathable jacket. It could be one of the first items you pack when heading off to backpack around the globe.

JakPak says its goal is to perfect the alternative personal shelter for anyone who needs a reliable solution to exposure from the elements.

It has three seasonal designs (spring, summer and fall) so don’t expect it to work miracles in 6ft of snow. It’s made from urethane-coated ripstop nylon polyester, making it a breathable/waterproof combination.

It meets CPAI-84 flame retardant standards for tents (important when sleeping near campfires and only weighs 2lbs/13oz (small), 2lbs/15oz (medium), 3lbs/1oz (large) or 3lbs/3oz (extra large).

The jacket has three pockets (two exterior, one interior) and has a reversible center front zipper with integrated hood and collar with drawcord and visor. The elastic integrated suspenders help distribute shelter and sleeping bag weight evenly, and storm flaps over the pockets and zippers keep water out.

The in-your-face tent/swag provides shelter over the head, neck and shoulders while the mosquito netting keeps out tiny flying and crawling nasties.

It’s quick and easy setup and can be staked out so that you won’t blow away in a hurricane (just joking).

The detachable tent can be removed or used as a pack cover.

The integrated sleeping bag folds in/out of the jacket for quick and easy access. The manufacturers say it’s waterproof on the bottom for laying on wet ground and breathable on top for comfort. They add that it’s roomy enough to store winter clothes inside the bag and jacket.

Available at JakPak (from late spring) in two-tone green or black/gray, it sells for US$249.99.

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