If sitting is so bad for our health, why do we let our kids sit at a desk all day to do their schoolwork? Such is the reasoning behind the StandUp: an adjustable standing desk suitable for both adults and kids from the age of six up.

We've covered a lot of standing desks here at Gizmag, but this is the first that caters specifically (though not exclusively) to children. The StandUp, by Jaswig, is made from FSC-certified birch plywood and shipped in flatpack form, and the firm rates assembly and disassembly as a 10-minute job.

The desk comes in three sizes, and sports an additional storage shelf beneath. The desktop on the smallest measures 20.5 x 15.5 in (52 x 40 cm), while the largest measures 26 x 20 in (66 x 51 cm). Weight comes in at 14.6 lb (7 kg) and 26 lb (12 kg), respectively.

The correct size desk depends on the user's foot-to-elbow measurements, but the smallest is adjustable in height between 24 - 32 in (61 - 82 cm), and the largest between 36 - 48 in (92 - 122 cm). The desk slides manually into position and is locked with a bar. Jaswig also states that there's no pinch points for little fingers to get trapped in.

In order to raise funds to bring the StandUp to market, Jaswig has launched a Kickstarter campaign. As of writing, you'll need to hand over US$249 to hopefully receive a small kid's-size desk, while the medium will set you back $329. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated for December of this year.

Check out the video below to see more information on the desk.

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