There are a few different things people look for in a car. Some look for high performance. Others favor fuel economy. And some just want it to transform into a 4-meter (13-foot) robot. In a surprising turn of events for the last camp, the dream of owning an automotive automaton is now a step closer thanks the the J-deite RIDE — a car that turns into a robot and back again, just like those Autobots from that Transformers cartoon. Except slower.

And did we mention it can transform with two people inside it? It can. Look:

RIDE has been designed and developed by Brave Robotics, masterminds of its impressive (if unhurried) transforming mechanism. The company worked alongside robotics software outfit Asratec, responsible for the robot's software controls. Named V-Sido, these controls cover both robotic and vehicular motion as well as the transformation itself.

It was developed with the help of mechanical designer Kunio Okawawara, who's known for his mecha designs for Mobile Suit Gundam among many other anime.

RIDE was developed in conjunction with Sansei Technologies, which plans to develop the technology for amusement park rides. The current model can be "sponsored" (or hired, basically) for exhibitions, events and what have you.

J-deite RIDE will appear on May 5 at the wonderfully-named GoldenWeek DOKIDOKI Festa All Working Cars Assemble! in Tokyo. It will also appear at Florida's IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 in November.

It's all tremendous fun, but one doubts the Decepticons will be losing much sleep. However, our major takeaway is that Florida really needs to up its Expo naming game if it's going to catch up with Tokyo.

There are more videos of RIDE in action on the J-deite website, but here's one of it taking a walk – also very slowly.

Source: J-deite

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