Jetman jams with jets

Jetman jams with jets
Jetman flying in formation with his bigger brothers
Jetman flying in formation with his bigger brothers
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Jetman flying in formation with his bigger brothers
Jetman flying in formation with his bigger brothers
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Jetman's death-defying aerial antics took another turn recently, when he teamed up with a pair of jets for some formation work. In what could easily have turned into a replay of Icarus's last adventure, Jetman (Swiss pilot Yves Rossy) strapped on his tiny wings and leaped from his rotary-wing elevator to meet up with his bigger brothers.

The wing carries four small jet engines and has no control surfaces like a regular aircraft, rather Jetman relies on body movement to control his trajectory, not that easy when flying formation only meters away from some hot and heavy metal at 125 mph (200 km/h) plus!

Jetman's previous adventures include crossing the English Channel, flying across the Grand Canyon and performing loops, as well as numerous appearances at airshows around the world.

What other exploits he and his team will dream up remains to be seen, but I am sure there is plenty more innovation to come.

Source: Jetman via Dvice

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Chris Kedzierski
Epic. This guy not only has the coolest job/pass time in the world - but has now flown with jets with mere wings on his back and engines strapped on.
I think it would be cool to find more people like Yves Rossy and make a Jetman stunt team to perform aerobatic displays together.
Thanks Gizmag for the update, it made my day!
Rossi\'s wings, combined with technology from the Gryphon suit and cruise missile technology will soon be paving the way for Winged stealth warriors (probably called Weasels (Winged Seals) penetrating deep into targetd zones, undetected. They can land with pin-point accuracy due to GPS guidance. Backed up by UAVs for air cover, they could do a lot on their missions. And fly out again, undetected.....
James Kong
This is too cool, it sure beats snowboarding.
Carlos Grados
I love to see people living their dreams- I can\'t stop smiling when I see this Frenchman Fly!