Although Joby has found yet another use for its bendy support technology with the Yogi iPad stand, our eyes were drawn to the company's other release at this year's CES. If you're a fan of origami then you are simply going to love the seriously clever Ori, and even if you just don't get the fine art of paper folding we still think you'll be impressed. As well as spending some of its life as a protective cover, this smart-looking metallic stand can also transform into different structures to provide a variety of viewing possibilities.

Both GorillaMobile iPad stands released at CES by Joby offer a highly flexible way to interact with your tablet device. Like the Gorillapod, the Yogi's legs can be bent and twisted to suit just about any surface available - even wrapped around your leg if that's what you want. The polycarbonate case and rubber bumpers offer some shock protection and the quick-release clip allows the stand to be stowed away for transport in no time.

The lightweight Ori is made from a German-made aluminum/polypropylene composite normally used in car manufacture. Other materials used include durable polycarbonate, high-quality ABS plastic and TPE grips. It affords the iPad some protection from the rigors of day-to-day usage when in transport but also has a few clever tricks up its sleeve when you need to use the device.

Inspired by and named after the delicate art of paper folding, the stand offers four different ways of supporting a tablet computer depending on how it's folded. Viewing angle and display height is adjustable for optimum comfort/productivity and the stand can be raised as high as 14 inches (355 mm). There's also a swivel mechanism to allow for quick change orientation. Nice.

We got the impression that the Ori might actually make your iPad bulletproof, though that's our take rather than the company's claim!

The Yogi is priced at US$49.95 and the Ori at US$79.95.

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