A funny name but an innovative design, Jompy allows campers, backpackers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to get hot water from their hydration packs. The simple device works in conjunction with a hydration bladder and camping stove to deliver boiling water for use in food, beverages and cleaning.

Made by UK company Celsius Solar, Jompy is a coiled aluminum disc that connects to the hose from a hydration bladder or water bottle. It rests on top of the stove, and its flat design allows you to cook on top of it. The water is fed into the coil, heats to boiling and is shot out a faucet. Because Jompy features a coil, it has a lot of surface area on the heat source, allowing water to heat quickly. The largest model boils a liter in as little as 45 seconds. According to the website, Jompy uses 60 percent less gas when boiling water than a pan. It works with all types of heat sources - wood, liquid fuel, charcoal, etc.

Ordinarily, you're limited to cooking one thing at a time with a single-burner camping stove. You can boil a pot of water for your dehydrated meal or cook some sausages in a pan, but you can't do both. With the Jompy system, you can essentially do two things at once with a small single burner. The system's flat design allows you to place a pot on top of it and cook something else while also heating water.

Boil water for your tea or coffee and cook breakfast on the stove. Boil two times the amount of water, in order to purify it or use it to prepare backpacking meals. You get the function of a dual burner with a smaller single burner.

In addition to the basics, it looks like you could get creative with this thing and use it for other purposes like washing dishes or showering. In one of the videos on Jompy's website, they show the unit being hooked up to a portable shower. Of course, you'd have to make sure that the water was cool enough to put your skin under, but it appears possible.

Jompy offers three different systems. The large version is essentially a base camp design for groups. That model weighs 1.33 lbs (605 g), has a capacity of 1.2 liters and spits out a liter in under a minute. The medium-sized version is good for families and smaller groups, offering a half-liter capacity, 60- to 80-second boil time for 1 liter, and a weight of one pound (450 g). The smallest unit weighs only 2.1 oz (60 g), making it practical for backpackers, hikers, kayakers and other adventurers looking to limit weight. It boils 330 ml of water in about 90 seconds. The units retail between £49.90 - £59.90 (US$78 to $94)

Not only is Jompy a useful innovation for campers, but the company also believes it has value to the developing world, where it could help families and villages clean water and prepare food more efficiently. For every unit sold online, the company says it will send a unit to an African family.

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