Cutting edge New York artist Josh Hadar has created a three-wheel electric bike that is sure to turn heads. Based around a sprawling, chopper-like frame similar to that used in his earlier pedal powered designs such as "Uncle Stew's Trike", Hadar's new creation has a range of up to 30 miles and puts out 15 kilowatts at its peak, which, when combined with the weight of four 12-volt lead-acid batteries and two chunky wheels at the rear, is reportedly more than enough to put you on your derriere.

The jet black, carbon steel framed trike measures 8.4 feet (2.6m) long with a 20 inch front wheel and two 26 inch wheels at the back.

To keep the electric engine under control (and the front wheel on the ground) Hadar has added a an Alltrax programmable controller and in keeping with the designer's green philosophy, the three-wheeler gets its juice from solar panels on the roof of Hadar's workshop.

It might not be the most practical three-wheeler to have crossed our desk, but it's certainly a thing of beauty – although the exposed lead acid batteries do take a little of the edge off the aesthetics. Perhaps Hadar's proposed addition of a more powerful lithium nano-phosphate battery pack will kill two birds with one stone.

Hadar's design portfolio extends to sculptures and environmental installations and he hopes to continue to create new modes of alternative drive systems and power sources for bikes and trikes.

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