When you think of wireless charging, the JuiceTank iPhone case probably isn't what springs to mind. The new smartphone case from phone accessory maker, Dedicated, features a collapsible electrical plug on the back that fits into any North American wall socket. Connecting the JuiceTank case to a phone not only gives it solid protection without much bulk, but also ensures you'll always have a "cordless" charger with you.

The JuiceTank iPhone cover is a concept so straightforward that it's a wonder there isn't a similar product on the market right now. Pressing a spring-loaded button on the back of the case deploys two prongs, which come together to form a plug that will fit most electrical outlets in North America, as well as any other region that uses the same type of socket. With the plug out, all you need to do is plug it directly into the wall to start charging.

The electronics that make up the charging components are so slim that the JuiceTank isn't any bulkier than most other protective cases once the plug is collapsed. The cover itself is made from durable polycarbonate on the outside, with a soft rubber finish on the inside, and is designed to fit both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The designers also included an external micro USB port so the phone can still be synced and charged through a cable if needed.

The only question is just how useful the JuiceTank would be at home. The collapsible plug is certainly a handy feature for on the go, but isn't so convenient if you actually need to use your phone while it charges (unless you want to get down on the floor or hold a power strip to your ear, that is). Also, it seems unlikely that a similar design could be applied to the different types of electrical outlets in other parts of world.

Detached is raising funding for the JuiceTank through Kickstarter and at the time of writing, with almost two months left to run, the project still had about US$100,000 left to reach its $125,000 goal. The cases are expected to retail for $70 each, but backers can get them for $55 each or less depending on how much they contribute. If the creators manage to secure funding though, the JuiceTank could ship as soon as this summer.

Source: Kickstarter

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