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JumpGear-MP3 uses flashdrive storage for flexibility

JumpGear-MP3 uses flashdrive storage for flexibility
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Digital Media manufacturer and marketer Lexar has released the JumpGear-MP3, a digital audio player that uses Lexar's JumpDrive Sport USB flash drive as its storage medium. Priced at AUD$99 including a 64MB flash drive, the player can be used with any of the JumpDrive Sport USB flash drive, and the drives can be used as data storage and transfer mediums, making it an ideal and flexible solution for both music and data.

By using JumpDrive Sport as the memory source, users are able to upgrade memory to 512MB with a single JumpDrive Sport - or carry several JumpDrives, each with their own collection of music. The USB 2.0 speed of the JumpDrive Sport makes downloading large music files fast and easy, and the writable file label on the back of the flash drive allows users to organise multiple music collections with ease.

The JumpGear-MP3 supports both MP3 and WMA music formats, and Microsoft's digital rights management, so users can easily play music purchased from legitimate online music services. It features a backlit LCD displaying the song title, artist, playtime and track number, and an equalizer with five preset modes: normal, jazz, pop, rock, and classic music. The device has three playback modes, normal, repeat and random, and has a continuous playtime of up to 14 hours for the two AAA batteries..

Available now from retailers across Australia, JumpGear-MP3 will be sold in two configurations, one including a 64MB JumpDrive Sport (retail price of $99) and another as a stand-alone accessory for JumpDrive Sport (retail price of $59). Both options include headphones and 2 AAA batteries. To increase the memory of the digital audio player, users can purchase additional JumpDrive flash drives ranging from128MB, 256MB and 512MB storage capacities.

Unfortunately, the JumpDrive Sport is the only flash drive which works with the player, either from the Lexar range, or any other flash drive.

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