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JVC's biggest 4K TV promises best color reproduction on the market

JVC's biggest 4K TV promises b...
JVC has announced the new DM85UXR 85-in 4K TV
JVC has announced the new DM85UXR 85-in 4K TV
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JVC has announced the new DM85UXR 85-in 4K TV
JVC has announced the new DM85UXR 85-in 4K TV

JVC has thrown its hat into the "huge UHD TVs" ring with the announcement of the Diamond Series DM85UXR. At 85-inches, it's the company's largest UHD TV to date. JVC also claims that it delivers the most precise color reproduction on the market.

The DM85UXR is said to deliver the competition-beating level of quality by using a direct LED backlit screen with 10-bit color programming. The screen is split into 64 zones that can be individually dimmed. This helps to produce deeper blacks in specific areas when required. In addition, JVC claims the DM85UXR delivers 240 scenes per second for "crisp, fast motion images with magnificent clarity."

As with other UHD TVs on the market, the DM85UXR offers upscaling for standard HD content. This is an important feature at the moment, given that 4K content remains relatively thin on the ground, allowing viewers to benefit from increased quality, even if its not quite 4K quality.

By way of ensuring that users have plenty of upscaled HD content to watch while they wait for 4K content to become standard, JVC is throwing in a free Roku Streaming Stick with the DM85UXR. This is as good a way as any for accessing content from Netflix, Google Play or Sky Store, regardless of the rest of the channels offered.

Among the other features of the DM85UXR are a thin bezel frame, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI 2.0 ports and a double-sided remote with a QWERTY keypad on the rear. This makes entering passwords and searching for content much quicker and easier.

The DM85UXR will be available from January 2015 and will retail for a cool US$7,999.

Source: JVC

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