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Karl Lagerfeld first designer to make runway fashion show available for video podcasting

Karl Lagerfeld first designer to make runway fashion show available for video podcasting
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February 3, 2006 Now here’s something we think will really catch on. Fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld will close New York Fashion Week on Friday, February 1, with his F/W '06 show and a fashion first. The debut of the Lagerfeld Collection will be the first fashion show to be made available as a Podcast on the iTunes Music Store, just hours after the event. Why is it signiicant? Well it will complete the disintermediation process between the fashion show and the consumer. Only a decade or two ago this took months, then with Fashion TV it became much quicker and now with the presentation available for podcasting, tech savvy designers and fashionista around the globe will be able to have the event on their personal media player within hours. Though the printed fashion magazine is in no danger of ever becoming extinct, this disintermediation will significantly erode its influence as video is an infinitelt better medium for seeing what clothes look like.

Enhancing Lagerfeld’s fashion forward profile with technologically forward values, the brand is working with COREaudiovisual to enable this production. The runway show will be taped in HD and edited on-site using Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software with Motion-based graphics added in a near real-time process. Additionally, Aperture, Apple's new all-in-one post production tool for pro photographers, will enable Lagerfeld to immediately compare thousands of images, swiftly culling down to select moments from the runway.

This process allows for not only HD output used at the event, but also for video Podcasting of the show, which will be available for download via iTunes that evening. This will be the first time a designer has brought fashion and technology together in this revolutionary way.

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