Rich folks ... they have their immaculately-appointed yachts and classic wooden motor launches, but they pretty much have to use the same sit-on-top kayaks as the rest of us, right? Not if the Kayak 1 has anything to say about it.

According to its maker, McLellan Jacobs, the carbon fiber-hulled Kayak 1 is built by America’s Cup boat builders in New Zealand. It also features teak and ash timber detailing “made by the country’s most highly-regarded furniture maker,” along with gold-plated brass fittings.

The single-passenger kayak measures 12 feet, 10 inches (3.4 meters) long and two feet, seven inches (0.8 meters) in width. It tips the scales at 36 to 40 pounds (16 to 18 kg), depending on how it’s customized – a boat like this is made to order.

Not surprisingly, if you want to know how much one costs, you’ll have to submit an inquiry. It does include its own paddle, though, so that’ll save you a few bucks right there.

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