There's still more good news for those of the opinion that electric bicycles are precisely 50-percent wheel-deficient. Designer Dimitris Niavis has unveiled a concept for a new electric-assisted tricycle, named the Kaylad 2.0.

Though yet to be realized, Kaylad 2.0's spec is fairly specific, boasting a 250-W electric motor which can provide three degrees of variable assistance (plus the option to turn it off entirely) and a lithium battery.

The inclusion of LED lights, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless tires and removable mirrors are befitting the trike's modern (nay, oddball) design. Niavis appears to be keeping one eye on practicality, though: the Kaylad 2.0 is designed with an upright rider posture in mind, an in-built horn ups the design's safety, and the trike's 7 gears sound about right for a spot of urban traversal.

The concept also includes a secure luggage holder or optionally a "K-trolley" heavy-duty container that can be mounted on the front of the bicycle.

Though Niavis reports that a working prototype is in the works it remains to be seen if Kaylad 2.0 will join the Veliac Three, Deliver-E Trike and the Rennholz among the ranks of electric three-wheelers that have made it at least as far as physical reality.

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