There are numerous umbrellas that claim to solve one or more problems of the traditional design. The Rainshader, for example, is meant to be windproof, while the Sa bounces back from being blown inside out. The new Kazbrella, meanwhile, is said to eliminate drips and fold away less awkwardly.

Designed by engineer and inventor Jenan Kazim, hence its name, the Kazbrella has a neat trick that helps it to achieve its claimed benefits. Unlike traditional umbrellas that fold down at the outside, it folds down at the center using a double-spoke mechanism.

The center-collapsing design means that drips are contained inside the folded umbrella, avoiding wet floors from storing it after use and wet trousers from brushing against it. it also means that the Kazbrella opens in an up-and-over motion rather than an out-and-up motion. As a result, it's reported easier to open and close when entering or exiting a building or car and is less awkward to open and close when in crowds.

As well as facilitating the Kazbrella's center-collapsing system, the double-spoke mechanism is said to make it stronger than other umbrellas and better performing in the wind. In the event that the Kazbrella does blow inside out, it can be quickly righted by pulling the mechanism down and then back up slightly. This will pop the canopy back into shape.

According to Kazim, the biggest challenge was to produce the inside out folding system while retaining the curvature, tension and usability of a conventional umbrella. Having created a mechanism that achieves this, he has also used "high-end materials" to ensure a good build quality. The shaft of the Kazbrella is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the spokes of lightweight fiberglass and the double canopy of pongee polyester covered with water-repellent coating.

A Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the production of the Kazbrella is underway. At the time of writing, pledges from £35 (US$53) are still available. Assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and production, delivery is estimated to start in October.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the Kazbrella.

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