Nothing beats a simple squeezable bottle when it comes to staying hydrated on the move, but the plastics used for these receptacles come at a cost, potentially to our health, definitely to the environment and also in terms of taste. So the team behind Keego thought, why not use elastic titanium instead?

Bit by bit, we have seen researchers incorporate elasticity into different types of metals, with advanced, bendable materials promising to usher in everything from more efficient refrigerators to more durable drill bits.

But a squeezable metal water bottle is something we haven't seen. Keego's creators say they came up with a way to make flexible titanium by adding an elastic polymer core inside. 99.8 percent of the material remains titanium, but that sliver of polymer gives the bottle the ability to pump out pressurized squirts of sweet hydration whenever you squeeze your hand around it.

The company has been working on the idea since 2016. Weirdly enough, it has also put a quote from the late Bruce Lee under a "what athletes say about Keego" heading on its Kickstarter page. So either it has actually been developing the bottle for decades or the martial arts legend is having a great old time with it upstairs.

Weather and scratch resistant, the 24 oz (710 ml) water bottle sports a silicone lid, small ripples to help with your grip and weighs 98 g (3.45 oz). Aside from the better durability, Keego will presumably avoid the odd taste that can accompany some plastic water bottles. It is also claimed to slot into the bottle cage of every bicycle.

Keego is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where early pledges of €35 (US$44) will have one headed your way in August 2018 if everything goes to plan. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Keego

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