The Keo Ruug Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild presents the player with a puzzle, but solving it isn't difficult once you know how – although there's an extra bonus you can easily miss.

This shrine is located in the Lost Woods, right next to the Deku Tree and the Master Sword. To get there, follow our guide.

There's a tip on this sign as you walk in – look to the stars for guidance. Which stars?

These ones! Little orange lights have been scattered all over the shrines in Zelda, but these ones serve a purpose. You need to count out how many there are of each of the four symbols to solve this shrine.

To your left and right are balls, and holes they can fit into. You need to match each ball with the hole corresponding with the number of constellations you can do. On the left, you need to put the first ball in the fifth hole, and the second in the third hole.

On the other side, put the balls in the first hole for the row closest to you, then the second on the last row. Easy enough.

You can head right to the Guardian if you want, but there's a Knight's Claymore hidden in this second room, too. After you enter and come down the stairs, turn around – on one of the walls are more constellations. Go back into the first room and match the balls in line with the numbers here (4-2-2-1) to unlock the powerful two handed weapon.

That's it for this level, so head to the Guardian and enjoy your Shadow Orb!

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