Kia added to its electric vehicle concept line-up at the Seoul Motor Show today with the world premiere the Naimo electric crossover utility. Designed as a five-door, four-seater urban runabout, the Naimo is powered by an 80 kW electric motor which Kia says produces maximum torque of 280 Nm and will deliver a top speed of 150 km/h, while the 27 kWh Lithium Ion Polymer battery promises a range of around 125 miles (200 km) on a single charge.

Naimo (pronounced "Neh-mo") means square shape, which is the starting point for a design which has an emphasis on simple lines – throw in the dot-style LED headlamps and the front-view takes on a kind-of hockey-mask feel.

The 3.9-meter (12.8-ft) long design does away with B-pillars and rear-hinged rear doors optimize access. Rear-view mirrors and traditional wipers are also scrapped in favor of miniature cameras and "air wipers" which clear water using a high-intensity air jet located at the base of the windscreen.

Inside, Korean oak replaces carpet underfoot and like the POP concept shown last year, the Naimo sports a a transparent OLED display behind the wheel.

Along with the 125 mile range (which would put the car ahead of the 100 mile per charge Nissan LEAF), Kia says the Naimo can be recharged to 80 per cent of its capacity within 25 minutes using a 50kW quick charge, with a full-charge taking five and a half hours using a conventional outlet.

There's no confirmed plan to take the Naimo to market but it will become part of Kia's test fleet of hybrid, electric and fuel-cell vehicles that are being put through their paces with a view to developing future production models.

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