Download-only Killzone clip provides a glimpse at the PS4's graphical power

Download-only Killzone clip pr...
Killzone Shadow Fall is an exclusive PS4 launch title
Killzone Shadow Fall is an exclusive PS4 launch title
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Killzone Shadow Fall is an exclusive PS4 launch title
Killzone Shadow Fall is an exclusive PS4 launch title
Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4
Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4

Killzone Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla has released a short gameplay clip from the multiplayer segment of its upcoming PlayStation 4 launch title. Unlike previous looks at the game's impressive visuals, which were made widely available through sites such as YouTube, the new clip is only available as a download.

Though it's a practical certainty that the new footage will make its way onto video streaming sites (in all likelihood, it already has), the largely uncompressed clip provides a much better look at what users can expect from launch titles on Sony's new system.

The clip runs at the game's full resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is rendered at an uncapped frame rate that “always targets 60fps." The footage shows just over a minute of multiplayer gameplay on “The Park," a map based on an environment from the game's single player campaign.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4
Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4

Though the short clip doesn't indicate any significant leap in gameplay (nor would we expect it to), it's difficult to argue that what's on show here is anything other than visually stunning. The textures are sharp and detailed, the lighting is beautiful and everything runs smoothly. Though the developer has undoubtedly been working on the title for a long time, it's still impressive to see what it's managed to achieve so early in the life of the system.

A superior system?

The new footage comes amidst a controversy regarding the quality difference of third-party titles running on the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The developers of both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts have confirmed that the titles will run at 1080p on the PS4 and 720p on the Xbox One, sparking a furor of speculation regarding the extent of the already established difference in power of the two systems. Developer Crytek has previously confirmed that its Xbox One exclusive title Ryse: Son of Rome will be upscaled to 1080p from 1600 x 900.

Given that the neither of the systems have yet hit the shelves, it's certainly too early to make a judgement on how significant the PS4's graphical advantage will prove to be in both the short and long term.

If you still haven't decided which console to pick up when they launch later this month, then a look at the downloadable Killzone Shadow Fall footage (available through the source link below) might give you a better idea of what to expect from first-party titles on Sony's system.

Source: Guerrilla

Racqia Dvorak
I would be the troll to point out that PC's have had this kind of performance for years, but that's probably obvious to the gizmag crowd.
Simon Sammut
Hmmmm, even if the disparity is not significant, press like this will surely put a nail in microsoft's coffin? I have put an order in for round 2 release of PS4.... mostly because of the DRM arguements plaguing the one a couple of months back
@Racqia Dvorak
Don't be condescending!
The piece is about what the PS4 can do and how it might compare with the XBOX One so exactly how does your blurb about PC's matter?
It's like if there was an article comparing two road cars from Porsche and Ferrari and then someone posts saying that people are stupid for taking an interest since F1 cars are faster.
What you should have done was watch the video and applaud that there is now a pretty cheap way to get great looking games. After all $400 is not gonna buy much of a PC :-)